My Art is an alternative fact

There's a fine line between facts and fiction and I like to cross that line!

I've always been fascinated by our history, alternative facts, and conspiracy theories. I'm also a firm believer in the supernatural, ufos and all of that Voodoo shit. With other words, I believe there's more than what meets the eye. You can find traces of evidence for my strong interest in the ghostly, in my Tribal and my Arté Fact collections. However, my enchantment for our past and the alternative facts, really come to life in my "Time capsule" collection.  

The story behind the Time capsule collection
I love to look at things in a different way. I try not to see the object (an sich), but beyond the shapes and colors, only looking at the story behind the device/object. Where does it come from? What does it do? Who made it or used it? What will civilizations think about this object in a couple of hundred years? Once I've isolated the story from the device/object I start creating my own alternative truth. Then, I simply rip the object from it's trusted environment and purpose, and I splash it on the canvas "as is" without any further changes. Now I only need to wait just a couple of hundred years in order to see and hear what kind of stories and alternative facts people start creating for themselves. I'm even thinking about burrying these things in some kind of time capsule, but who's going to buy my stuff when I bury them in my own garden? My financial adviser told me that this wouldn't be the greatest business model in the world. But then who the fuck needs a financial adviser? 

When I come to think about it, this whole Time capsule idea is actually made for the future. It's not meant for our present day. It's more like Art for the future, like a big barrel of whiskey that only can be called whiskey, after several years of aging. So I just need to find investors who would like to invest in Art that isn't art yet! Maybe I should talk to my financial advisor again.

Ceci n'est pas un téléphone 2001
One of my earlier works is this old téléphone or is it really a télephone? Maybe it's just a préhistoric counting device, there's even an urban legend that tells a tale that this device was once used to transport voices over millions of miles throughout our galaxy "A voice transporter"! Nobody really knows the purpose of this thing, and historians who recently found this device during a deep cave expedition in southern England earlier this year, are still baffled about their finding. Conspiracy theorists now claim that this device once was used by a long lost alien civilization in Atlantis, and yet others say that this is the holy grail! One thing is certain, today history has been rewritten with this discovery!



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