There's a woman in all of us!

A different kind of pineapple express!
No, it's not what you think! Unfortunately for you, this "Woodstock collection" has nothing in common with the summer of 69. No music festival, no free sex for all, no acid, or other mindblowing chemical ingredients, you'll need to take a different kind of pineapple express for that! 🙂

Woodstock (2015), is the photoshop & digital altered photo collection from my photo shoot "*Black Smoke" with artistic nude Riona(2014). These digital altered prints form the foundation for my more recent collections "Tribal-Nymph" & "Arté fact". They're an ode to women, their beauty, their strength, my source of inspiration, and symbolizes "the woman deep within us", and our long lost connection to mother nature.

* Also check out our short video clip "EXPOSED" with a sneak-peak of the making of "Black Smoke", the original photo shoot with model Riona in our studios (2014) 

For your information.
All these digital prints are available for purchase (Poster, postcard, in photo frame ...). Please feel free to contact me for more details.


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