The harmony between order & chaos 

I feel like an echo in a bottomless barrel of whiskey. 

The "Gibberish" collection is a pollination of all the other collections. The last piece of the puzzle in the search of my artistic alter ego. Everything I worked for (for all these years), boils down to this exact moment. It represents my biggest and deepest inner emotion(s) and feeling(s). The feelings of loneliness, the "insignificance" against the scale of the universe and my struggle between chaos and order. It represents my thoughts, my unspoken words and my isolation of the world. It feels like an echo in a bottomless barrel of whiskey (here's the whiskey again), dark, cold, empty and everlasting. It's like being a prisoner inside of your own thoughts. Nobody or nothing comes in, and nobody or nothing gets out. Oh yeah, occasionally I do receive a visitor or 2, but those moments are scarce and fleeting. So this is what prison life feels like!

I guess my inner feelings of emptiness, insignificance, and chaos, are what kickstarted this whole "Art thing" to begin with. It's like a therapy for the soul. Looking for a way to fill that empty barrel and to bring some order in my chaotic mind. Giving more meaning to my shallowness and finding my higher purpose in life. Maybe I just wanna leave behind some kind of legacy, a proof that I once was here and did some shit that had some kind of meaning, to someone. Like a totally pointless graffiti message behind the toilet door of a deep brown café in the center of Antwerp; "Kill Roy was here"! I just hope when the time comes to meet my maker, my artistic footprint will be bigger and greater than my ecological one!

Like I said earlier, this whole "Gibberish" collection symbolizes my insignificance, my shallowness, and my fight between order & chaos. The cold threatened steel plates represent the coldness and the scale of the universe. The rust, the roughness of the unfinished surface of the steel plates symbolizes the toughness (scares) of life and the infinity of Art against the boundedness of 
life. The Mahony colored pieces of wood represent the warm & tender and most important moments in your life. They burn like a fuel deep inside you and keep the fire going throughout of the rest of your life. In strong contrast to whimsical shapes of the lead (which symbolizes chaos), the little pieces of wood (carefully and mathematically positioned) symbolizes order & structure. Everything is perfectly balanced out with each other by the use of the universal mathematical language of the *golden section. (*the perfect geometric relationship between proportions). Everything has his place, nothing can be added and nothing can be taken out, the harmony between order & chaos. The little faces show my insignificance, my emptiness against the scale of the universe and reveals how fragile we are. Tough on the outside (steel) fragile & weak on the inside. The driftwood symbolizes my lost soul, my feeling of always drifting around, drowning in my own thought, never finding peace of mind, my chaotic mindset. The gibberish text, symbols, and mathematical puzzles accentuate this feeling of chaos and the constant feeling of being lost. They're like a cry for help, a scream inside me. My only way of being imperfect in a perfect world of decency. It's like having my personal syndrome of "Gilles de la Tourette" where an explosion of words escapes my mind without thinking, releasing the pressure of my thoughts, through a pressure relieve valve before I explode.  






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