Our ghosts from past ...

The mirror of our soul!

The Frantic collection symbolizes the madness and the chaos in my head. It's a cross-breed between my fascination for the inexplicable, the supernatural and the life after dead. It's the silent witness of our ghosts from the past and the scars of our lives. The woman with covered eyes is a symbol of the beauty but also the vulnerability of our lives. She's anonymous and almost unrecognizable and clearly bears the scars of life. The various layers show how complex and diverse a human life can be. The newspaper clippings that faintly and transparently break through the background represent the voices of our past. The pieces of lead, with their sharp edges, remind us how hard and cruel life can be, and how flexible we have to be in life. Finally, the burlap symbolizes our bound with nature and the earthly! In short, the Frantic collection is a visualization the mirror of our soul.