My insignificance against the scale of the universe

I'm shallow & empty

In strong contrast to the more abstract approach of The "Gibberish" collection, this "cold steel collection" uses a more figurative approach to accentuate my feelings of insignificance against the scale of the universe, my need to expand and my urge to break free from the imprisonment of my mind. My only goal is to leave behind some kind of  "artistic footprint" as proof that I once existed.  

Just like in the "Gibberish collection", the cold threatened steel plates represent the coldness and the scale of the universe. The naked woman symbolizes how fragile & small we are against the infinity of the universe. She also represents the fruit and the beauty of life against the dark cold steel (universe). 
The carefully and mathematically positioned little pieces of wood symbolizes the harmony and the structure between our (warm) lives and the (cold) universe. Everything has his place, nothing can be added and nothing can be taken out. It is what it is. The perfect balance between the realization of our fleeting existence (that we are), and the immeasurable greatness, and infinity of the universe.



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