Welcome to my rabbit hole!

If you take the blue pill, you'll wake up with a hard-on!

After this, there is no turning back. If you take the red pill you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep my rabbit hole goes. If however, you should decide to take the blue pill, the story will end here and you'll wake up in the morning with a hard-on!
Any resemblance with a specific "quote" from only the best movie ever made in history, is purely coincidental!


A rebel without a cause ...

Arté N'oeuf: "Follow the yellow brick road"!
Ever since I was a little kid I always was fascinated by artists, poets, writers, and musicians. I'm sure it's got something to do with the fact that when I was a little kid, our house was always filled with pipesmoking artist & dead poets (also read the about column). I guess I was mostly intrigued by their passion for life, there quest in finding their deepest emotions and their will & courage to stand up from the crowd and to dare to think differently. Ever since that time I knew that one day I would find the courage to stand up and to be some kind of a rebel for myself. "A rebel without a cause"! With Arté N'oeuf I finally found the inner strength to go my own way in search of my higher purpose in this short life. I feel a bit like "The tin man" going on a quest in search of the "Great Wizard of Oz", following that yellow brick road.


The egg of Colombus

Like most great ideas, this idea also started with an egg. Literally!, because on a sunny summer day somewhere in the begin of this century, while minesweeping my own thoughts, I remembered the story about "The egg of Colombus", and it was at that exact moment in time when and where I cracked my egg! From that day forward I decided to push my artistic reset button and start over again (to be reborn as an artist), to put things back into perspective and to bring some order into my chaotic mindset. To bundle all my ideas, thoughts and artistic excesses together and put them all in the same direction, with one goal only, ... to find that "Great Wizard of Oz"! (My higher purpose in life). Arté N'oeuf was born! (2001)

(Unfortunately), life, marriage, children work and yeah even politics made sure that I kept wandering around for another 18 years before I finally could reach my goal! And so I stand before you today, waiting to be judged.

arté n'oeuf egg

Definition & meaning of the word Arté N'oeuf
The word Arté N'oeuf is a degeneration of several words.

Arté = Art/Italian
Oeuf = Egg/French I Symbol for - The beginning / Fertility / The birth
N'oeuf = Degeneration > neuf/French word for nine (9) > IX = harmony / insparation / perfection of ideas / creation / eternity

N'oeuf = Degeneration > neuve/French word for new  > The new art - new beginning / renovation

So "Arté N'oeuf" embodies; the birth of a new art, an insparation, a new beginning, a harmony in Life and a gateway to eternity.


I'm a kid with a crayon!

The story behind my work
There's a lot to say, and maybe even a lot more not to say regarding the deeper meaning behind my work. I guess the most important thing to start with is that I don't restrict my artistic explorations to any rules or guidelines. There are no restrictions, no boundaries and I don't make compromises. Everything goes!  Maybe I just want to re-invent myself over and over again, in search to find who I really am! I guess you could say that my enchantment for our history (alternative facts & conspiracy theories), the spiritual world and the supernatural, are the redline throughout all of my works. Then yet again who knows what I'll come up with next year?

Bottom line
I think my inner child never really died. I never totally lost the magic in my eyes when I see Santa. I'm still overwhelmed by a great bedtime story and I continue to lose myself in my imagination when I look at the stars. So I guess when I look at myself as an artist, I see a 4year old kid with a crayon and an empty piece of paper.