I’m a beachcomber

I'm a scavenger, a beachcomber, and a 21th-century storyteller

Throughout the ages, people have always kept little special objects hidden in a secret place, for several different reasons. As a good luck charm, a talisman, to please the gods or even for witchcraft or for superstition. Whatever the reason, believe and religion was never far away. Most of the time these objects were made from simple things, found in nature. A little rock with special colors, a piece of driftwood, or even a stupid potato that looked like Jezus! The Artefacts in my "Art& Fact" collection aren't any different. As a scavenger and a beachcomber, I use whatever materials I can salvage, but I prefer to work with deadwood (or driftwood), burlap, clay, and stone to get back in touch with mother nature. They also represent our past and our scares in life. In sharp contrast to the natural materials, I like to fool around with lead and concrete, because for me they symbolize our industrial modern times. To finish up, I through a little voodoo into the action while dancing naked before a bonfire "Et voila" the magic's done! No, I'm just kidding of course, I really don't know anything about voodoo, I just dance naked and it's fun letting my imagination go wild while imagining how people lived several hundred years ago.

The Fertility bowl
That's how my "Fertility bowl" came about. It's totally useless maybe even a little bit ugly and for some even scary, but I really love the idea that I found it in an abandoned cave somewhere in the Northern Highlands of Scotland. It's probably more than 750 years old and it belonged to a medieval sorcerer who used it for his fertility spells!  The legend goes that even the mother of *William Wallace (*Scottish knight & freedom fighter) came to see this medieval sorcerer for his famous fertility spells! The story doesn't end there! Following some local urban legends, the sorcerer was called by the name "Myrddin" which is the Welsh name for "Merlin"! Unfortunately, this little plot twist was never confirmed!

Actually, this Fertility bowl embodies everything that these Arté Facts stand for. It doesn't matter if you like them or not, their sole purpose is to kickstart the imagination of their audience. 
You look at them, you create your own story and make it yours, nothing more and nothing less! Besides, I hope they make a great bedtime story for your grandchildren! 🙂 lol




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